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TECHNOTES: Newsletter – Jan-March 2016

Carbon/Epoxy Out of Autoclave (OOA) Scalability ManTech Project Problem/Objective: Out-of-Autoclave (OOA) prepregs are conventionally utilized for applications requiring laminate thicknesses less than 0.25 inches. Scaling to thicknesses in excess of 0.25” on parts with large surface areas has caused manufacturing defects which can lead to a reduction in mechanical performance. The objective of this project […]

TECHNOTES: Newsletter – Apr-Jun 2016

F-35 High Fidelity Fastener Feature Measurement Problem/Objective: High fasteners are a critical issue on the F-35, especially if not caught until the latter stages of the manufacturing process. F-35 fastener feature measurements must be taken for countersink depth, installed fastener flushness, and final fastener flushness after fill material has been applied. Current methods for inspecting […]