CMTC is an Office of Naval Research (ONR) Center of Excellence. The program develops improved manufacturing processes for composite-based components and facilitates technology transfer to resolve manufacturing and repair issues identified and prioritized by the Navy’s Program Executive Offices, other DoD services and industry.


CMTC is a virtual enterprise connecting ONR, prime suppliers, university researchers, and small businesses. Industry and academia compete for projects individually or in partnerships. Project teams are assembled and dissolved as needed. This virtual center approach keeps costs low and ensures that ONR gets the best technology from the best sources.


CMTC issues calls for new project concepts on behalf of ONR. Any company or team of companies can submit project concepts. CMTC works with proposers to refine concepts and ensure alignment with DoD challenges. This process leads to formal technical and cost proposals. ONR evaluates proposals and selects sources. CMTC awards projects and work begins.

CMTC – The Navy’s Center of Excellence for Composites Manufacturing Technology

Established in 2000 as the Navy’s Center of Excellence for composites manufacturing technology, CMTC is one of nine Centers of Excellence that serve as technology resources to the Office of Naval Research under the Navy Manufacturing Technology Program (MANTECH). CMTC develops technologies have application to modern DoD aircraft, surface ships, submarines, land vehicles, and associated weapons and missiles.

The primary goal of CMTC is to fund projects that drive manufacturing improvements and ultimately reduce the cost and time required to build and maintain Navy platforms

Project selection is the key process for the Center, which begins when ONR consults with the Navy’s acquisition community to determine which programs will be the focus of CMTC projects for the coming year. CMTC contacts the primes and program offices of those platforms to identify the manufacturing technology issues that most affect them. This set of issues is analyzed in a down-select process that determines what projects best serve the program objectives and promise to deliver the best return on investment within available funding. CMTC continuously seeks out the best, most state-of-the-art developments in composite materials manufacturing to ensure the technologies leveraged to the Navy platforms remain best in the world.

CMTC is a partnership of the Nation’s shipbuilders and aircraft manufacturers, strengthened by relationships with capability-specific technology providers, engineers, research institutions and other as-needed project members that deliver ‘on-point’ process and product-focused solutions. Any company that is part of the US defense industrial base may participate.

The CMTC team has the diverse expertise to develop innovations that reduce the cost and time to build and repair US Navy platforms.

CMTC is now accepting research project concepts.

CMTC seeks concepts for research projects that drive manufacturing improvements and ultimately reduce the cost and time required to build Navy platforms.

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