Center of Excellence

CMTC is the US Navy's Center of Excellence for Composites Manufacturing Technology

The CMTC is one of seven Centers of Excellence (COE) that serve as technology resources to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) under the Navy Manufacturing Technology Program (ManTech). The centers are focal points for the development of manufacturing processes and equipment in a cooperative environment with industry, academia, and the US Navy.

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The Projects

Projects completed through the CMTC are funded by the ONR Navy ManTech Program

The primary goal of CMTC is to fund projects that drive manufacturing improvements and ultimately reduce the cost and time required to build Navy platforms. Project selection is the key process for the Center, which begins when ONR consults with the Navy’s acquisition community to determine which programs with the ONR acquisition strategy will be the focus of CMTC projects for the coming year.

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The Composites Consortium is an integrated team of more than 30 separate entities that work together to harness members capabilities.

The vision of The Composites Consortium (TCC) is to create a cooperative environment of industry, academia and federally funded facilities and laboratories that nurtures development and continuous improvement of composite manufacturing processes and technology transfer. TCC solutions improve the performance and reducethe cost of DoD weapons systems.

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